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Baltic Information & Security Systems
Address: Slokas iela 13A, Rīga, LV-1048, Latvija
Phone: +371 67603360, 67611722, 67805805 (serviss)
Fax: +371 67611806
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Working hours: Mo-Fr 9:00 - 18:00
Services Personalisation of ID-cards

We offer production and personalization of plastic cards for differenet purposes, using the contemporary technologies including the subliminal and offset printing. Particularly such kinds as white and colored plasic cards (PVC, HiCo, LoCo, Smart-card, contactless card). The full range of our services includes development or adjustment of the client's artwork, producing of the samples, production of ISO7810 standard cards and their personalization accordingly to the customers requests. Besides we also offer individual cards packaging.

Short description of plastic cards

The plastic cards differ depending on the purposes, functional and technical parameters.

Types of plastic cards:
  • loyalty cards
  • insurance cards
  • client cards
  • advertisement cards
  • club cards
  • ID cards
  • other

Different personalization technologies and additional cards elements are possible.

Embossing - pressing of alphabetic and numeral information, using mechanical stamping of elements on the plastic card. Further stamp painting is possible as well (gold, silver, black).

- covering of the embossed symbols with colored foil to make the symbols better visible. Usually gold, silver and metallic colors are used.

- the process reversive to embossing, which means stamping of the letters or digits into the plastic.

Personalization - marking a card with individual information about its owner, his signature and etc. Also the card can store: number, date of issue, validity period, activation login and password and etc.

Numbering - marking a card with alphabetical-numeral information.

Signature panel - special white field for the card owner singanure or other additional information. Usually the signature panels are white.

Barcode - alphabetical and numeral data is encoded as sequence of bars. Usually barcode stores personal information and meets one of the multiple standards.

Scratch-off panel (erasible security stripe) - non-transparent security layer. Scratch-off panel is used for security of secret information. To read this information, the scratch-off panel has to be erased. Example - banking code cards.

Foil stamping - hot foil stamping on the card using the cliсhe. Gold, silver or holographic foil is used usually.

Magnetic stripes LoCo and HiCo - one of the most popular technology of storing information in cards. Usually iformation about the card owner is encoded to the magstripe. The magnetic stripe reader (magnetic head) decodes information stored on the magstripe immediatelly.

The magnetic stripe has three tracks. Usually accrodingly to the standard:

  • name of the card owner on the first track;
  • the card number and validity period on the second track;
  • some additional information is stored on the third track.