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Baltic Information & Security Systems
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Systems & Solutions Automatic cashiers
We offer different automatic cashiers as components of our control and accounting systems. The devices  provide options to pay and receive cash, coins, receipts etc. Automatic cash desks can be used for (examples):
  • payment for services (charged entry/exit, car parks, fitness centers, Internet cafes)
  • sale and adding funds to cards or coins, receiving cash in exchange of coins or other subjects
  • currency exchange
We offer automatic pay stations with different configurations, that are connected to FidPark system's server via Internet or local network.

According to Client requirements the cashiers may have the following options:
  • Banknote Validator,
  • Coin Hoppers for collection and delivery of coins and tokens
  • Dispensers for plastic cards
  • Manual and motorized card reader
  • Color touch screen with buttons or indicator
  • Built-in terminals for bank cards.
Depending on the scope and functionality of POS machines, floor or wall construction may be chosen. All automatic cashiers have built-in security and alarm system.

The pay station FP-KA500/KA510 ensures credit cards payments, coins and banknotes cash acceptance, as well as change issuance by all coin values and by banknotes (FP-KA510 model only). Thanks to new technologies able to reduce the cost of the pay station itself and its maintenance (in particular, rare withdrawal procedure). For bank cards acceptance POS-terminal Verifone UX series meets the latest safety standards. In standard configuration the machine has 15" touchscreen, 2D barcode scanner, RFID (contactless) card reader and receipt printer. The coins and banknotes in the machine are secured by triple mechanical protection.

The machine can be used in various applications for paying for services and invoices, to replenish card’s account balance, to print a replacement for lost parking ticket and as an information kiosk.

The machine is connected to FidPark system server (via LAN or Internet), wich ensures monitoring and receiving of all reports. 

The cash machine FP-KA560 is designed for quick cash receiving (for example, cashiers and public transport drivers). To do this, the machine is equipped with a hopper to fill up the coins of all denominations, starting from 1 euro cent. Upon completion of the reception and automatic money counting the receipt is issued and the information is sent to the central server.

Customer identification is carried out by their contactless ID-card, the customer's photo is taken and stored in the database as well.

Also the machine provides automatic cash changing functions to predetermined combinations of coins, also it can be used as a self-service kiosk.

The coins and banknotes in the machine are secured by triple mechanical protection. FP-KA560 machines are connected to the Fidpark server, which provides continuous control and real-time monitoring.


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