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Systems & Solutions Queue management systems People queue management systems
QMS Akis products and solutions provide effective operation by optimizing resources thus enlarging income and raising service quality for the customers. With such system in operation "live queue" term is eliminated, customers do not need to worry about losing their place in the queue or someone will pass in before ones time.

Displays (plasma or television) can show not just queue number, but also advertising, presentations of new products, news. For a customer not to miss his invitation, the system allows for simultaneous display of advertising and queue movement.

Other advantages of QMS Akis queue management system:
  • Unlimited number of working places
  • Data processing statistics
  • visitor movement monitoring in real time
  • Software and/or hardware terminals for workplaces (including wireless terminals)
  • Option to use plasma panels
  • Total control of the system and flexible setup
  • Data exchange with external sources (Internet)
Systems server is also used as administrators (hall manager) workplace.

Standard system software includes following modules:
  • ticket development and editing module
  • managers module to control environment in waiting hall and system settings
  • statistics module
  • module for setting and changing staff passwords
Information security is held by passwords to enter the system, personal access codes for operators, passwords to use the system online

 Additional modules:
  • following full history of servicing particular visitor using his ticket number
  • transmitting protected statistics data to managers web site
  • staff working schedule based on statistics
  • organizing advance booking for customers
  • common network operation for system parts
  • application development for its integration with other systems (like for internal paperwork)

Visitor registration terminal

For visitors comfort registration terminal is usually placed besides the entrance. Service divisions (type of service needed) is printed with corresponding buttons. After pressing chosen button on the remote customer receives service ticket and follows to waiting area.
There is the software which allows to print any information on the ticket, it can be edited whenever necessary:
  • name and logo of the enterprise
  • name of chosen service (operation) and number of service desk for his needs
  • queue number
  • approximate waiting time
  • time and date of issue for the ticket
  • text message (greeting, helpful information or advert)
  • picture in bitmap format (BMP)
  • bar code


LED displays constitute an important element of most electronic queuing solutions and enable clients to view the movement of the queue as they wait for their turn. These displays have high contrast and brightness features, thus ensuring the visibility of information from a distance and in conditions of bright light, while at the same time consuming minimal electric power. Several ranges of displays based on different light diode modules are supplied. 

In the waiting area customer awaits his invitation while watching main display, placed strategically in the area. To generate more attention at time of each invite ringer is sounded or voice invitation.
The displays installed above each place for operator show ticket number in flashing mode, along with main display.
Another information display can be placed where it can be seen by both staff and customers. It can be directed inside or on street side to inform people lounging in cafe or smoking outside. Current invite, waiting time, queue size and any other information as well as advertising messages.

System administrator (hall manager) has another display. It shows data about any breches of procedure of servicing and notification regarding his/her intervention, like:
  • quantity of waiting customers in any category is larger than set limit
  • waiting time for customer is longer than set
  • operator has pressed panic button and needs help
  • ticket paper is running out in printer

Operators terminal

Every workplace is equipped with terminal hardware or computer software for:
  • entering the system using personal password
  • choosing category to check quantity of waiting customers in given category, waiting time for next customer, current time, currently serviced ticket number, quanityt of tickets left in the printer.
  • inviting next customer
  • to repeat invite in case if customer has not reacted timely.
  • transferring customer to different category (for example, to cash desk) using four buttons (different category at first place, last place, usual queue place, particular place)
  • panic button for hall manager
  • remove customer from queue
  • place any ticket number on main display, which allows for continued service for customer after time out
  • call customer outside queue order
  • close working place (in such case waiting customers are automatically routed to different desk)
Most of the buttons can be programmed at any time using terminal itself