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Systems & Solutions Automatic cashiers (PayStations) FidPark - time related paystations
FidPark-Card system allows the drivers to make variable payments (e.g. parking meters) or fixed payments (e.g. fees) with bank card only, and receive an appropriate ticket without leaving a vehicle.

The terminals are connected to system server that is continiously monitoring all devices and events, generating reports.

  • Fixed amount payment
  • Thermal printer for ticket/bill printing
  • Terminal holds ≥ 4 000 tickets/bills
  • X- and Z- report preparation
  • Integrated POS-terminal VERIFON
  • Terminal’s display is used, to give notices and instructions
  • Opportunity to change language
  • Supply voltage – 220 V – 240V
  • Built-in UPS (uninterruptible power supply ) provides terminal operation time for not less than 20 min
  • Data exchange takes place via Internet
  • Terminal is designed to work outdoors, temperature range - -20⁰ - +40⁰
  • Monitoring and remote diagnostics are provided via WEB-interface.

Options (not included in standard complectation):

  • Intercom communication with the operator

Paystation FP-KA11-T is designed for autonomous operation in outdoor environments for credit card payments. This is the most economical and convenient method of payment, which eliminates all the problems related with the cash money - encashment, change money, security requirements, counterfeiting. In addition, the cost of the cash machine is significantly less in comparison with cash paystations.

The front of the paystation contains:
  •      POS-terminal (card reader, PIN-code keypad, display),
  •      contactless proximity reader for reading subscription and deposit cards,
  •      receipt Printer,
  •      VOIP-intercom (option).
The paystation allows the customers to pay for the services received, as well as replenishing deposit card account.

  • Data exchange via Internet using the server (one server can control up to 16 terminals).
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics via WEB and/or FidPrak Guardian (option).
  • Housing with double mechanical protection (1650 x 603 x 372.5 mm).
  • Thermal insulation and heating element.