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Systems & Solutions Access control systems Staff access control, DAccess

Access control systems provide access to premises (rooms, car parks, etc.) for pass owners, as well as register all information about events.

We offer standalone, off-line and on-line solutions, depending on nature of objects.

We offer also:

Our DAccess access control system has the following features:
  • Combination of benefits related to on-line and off-line systems by using relatively inexpensive controllers and control modules that communicate with the server over LAN.
  • Support for a wide range of identification technologies in any combination - a company may, for example, use fingerprints, as well as cards for staff and vehicles with reading distance respectively 10 cm and 10 m, that control turnstiles, doors and barriers on the customer's discretion.
  • The system works effectively on both small and large enterprises with thousands of employees in different locations with data exchange via Internet.
  • The modular architecture and SQL-environment guarantee integration with enterprise information systems (Lotus Notes, Navision, 1C, etc.), as well as choosing the optimum configuration of workplaces (HR Department, pass booking, security service, timekeeper, the company's administration and others).
  • An opportunity to assign an individual work schedule (fixed, by shifts, sliding, etc.) for each employee, taking into account overtime, night hours and other conditions.
  • The working time subsystem TAReports automatically generates timesheets and being late reports, which significantly increases efficiency and helps reduce staff, as well as guarantees the fulfillment of WTD (Working Time Directive) requirements, valid in all EU countries.
  • Many utilities improve DAccess efficiency - e.g. Ukey is used to control devices remotely from any PC on the network, Guardian indicates the status of all doors/ turnstiles on the object map and the location of employees relative to working premises.
  • In case a Windows-server is installed in the enterprise, the costs of DAccess implementation may be reduced.

DAccess access control & time attendance system has been complemented by a new feature. While an ID-card (pass) is staying on the reader or in its «pocket», it’s possible to switch-on the equipment -  machinery, lighting, air conditioning, etc. The equipment is turned-off after removing the card from the reader and the time and duration of these events are stored in the reports, similarly as it is with entrance/exit events.

This option is good for use in manufacturing plants, hotels and other facilities where DAccess is already actively used.

Because of the development of technologies software are continuously evolving to meet the requirements of the market and customers.

DAccess web-service
DAccess web-service is a software application, which generates data of read DAccess identificators in xml format upon request.

Events for this service are generated by a specially configured Guardian application. Guardian runs automatically after the start up or reboot of the server.

A selection (configuration) of registration points, which events will be displayed in the service, are configured by the Administrator for Guardian application accordingly to DAccess documentation.

DAccess screenshot samples

Workplace of a Security guard (Guardian

 Managers workplace




 Report for the month 

One of time-attendance reports (TAReport)


 Adding new employee