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Systems & Solutions Access control systems Management system for keys
Who was the last to take keys from a particular room? Who is using a business car? Who and when has returned warehouse keys?  Keys management system will answer all such questions with the help of latest technology.
The system consists of a case/safe for keys and the terminal with a keyboard and a built in contactless card reader. The terminal holds information about users, keys and access rights. Users are identified via contactless cards, a PIN code or a card + a code to make transactions more secure. The user can only take keys on holding which he has assigned rights. Flexible key holding rights assignment is supported along with electronic logging of all events.
This solution operates the following way: keys or other valuables are safely attached to rugged contactless key (tag). Every tag has uniques number scanned when keys are taken/returned to case for holding the keys. It is always known whether the key is still in place, human error is eliminated and all transaction are registered when people who hold the right to do so take/return keys. 

The system can be connected to the computer, the net (LAN, WAN), it can be easily expanded with new terminals and key lockers (safes), as well as with different RFID-technologies, including mirafe®, LEGIC®, HID®, proxEntry®. AVRS can compliment the existing access control system for doors, using the already existing existing access cards. It can operate just like electronic journal of key movement registration.

The program "Command center" with multilingual interface allows to set up and controll all componentes. All operations from all terminals and lockers are stored in the central database. All events with keys and users Atskaitēs var redzēt visus notikumus ar atslēgām un lietotājiem, filtrēt pēc nepieciešamajiem kritērijiem.
The "command center" with multilingual interface allows you to set up and control all components. All operations from all terminals and cabinets are stored in a central database. All or filtered by criteria events events with keys and users can be seen in the reports.

FidPark-KeyLocks is a user-friendly solution for management and registration of mechanical keys, when there is a central depositary of all mechanial keys, e.g. for all premises.

All persons that may need to borrow mechanical keys, have ID card/pass. The mechanical keys are also associated with their unique IDs. Both IDs are linked together, when the key is being issued to a person with appropriate rights.

The information about the key’s current location and the person it was issued to, is always available in the system. The reports show all events related to the keys, users and activities.
System features:
  • unlimited number of users and keys;
  • expanding the functionality of the system;
  • multiuser database;
  • protection against vandalism and software hacking.