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Systems & Solutions Card customization
Marker customization of a card, a badge, a ticket etc., is a logical "joining" of the marker with its owner. The marker ID is recorded in the data base with owners data, vehicle data etc. Sometimes the information is recorded also into electronic marker (a card with rewritable memory). 

The name (and somtimes photo) of the owner can be printed on the card, that allows to use the cards even without the reader. It is comfortable for both enterprise and owner of the card. Latest card printer models include modules allowing personal data to be encoded within the card.

Plastic card personalization systems

Systems that we offer include computer with software, plastic card printer and, if necessary - photo studio with a camera. Printers that we offer can encode different card types and simultaneously print them. 

For card graphical protection from forgery we offer following solutions: 

  • printing of images and texts, that may be seen only in the ultraviloet spectrum;
  • microlettering printing (text up to 0.40mm high) for visual verification with a magnifying glass;
  • application of diffractive elements, that change color depending on the angle of view;
  • production of an individual hologram;
  • other methods and their combinations.
On sale:

Plastic card printers

Plastic card printers in recent 5-10 years have developed from exotic and capricious device into standard office peripheral, which requires minimal service, and is friendly to users. Printing on the card is made by dye sublimation and thermal transfer, to increase durabilty of prints the clear overlay is applied. We are authorized representative and service center for two plastic card printers industry leaders - HID (FARGO) and EVOLIS.

EVOLIS printers are known for their simplicity and reliability, they are to not just print images, but also provide all possible methods for those card personalization, including bar code printing and magnet, contact and contactless card encoding.  It is also possible to do multiple printings on the same card, erasing previous.

FARGO printers made by HID are so called High-end and use two printing technologies - direct printing (direct-to-card - DTC) and high-definition printing (HDP). Optional lamination module allows to cover one or both card's sides with a protective cover, including laser hologram for additional protection against fraud.

cardPresso program

CardPresso plastic card personalization program, which we offer, is known for it's easy installation and convenient using. CardPresso has user friendly interface and everything you need to create and print plastic cards: internal graphics editor (helps to create cards design, to edit photos for the cards), barcodes printing, internal automatic counters, cards encoding capabilities, function of automatic face recognition on the image and further face cropping to the size required for particular card design. Powerful importing capabilities allow to quickly add images and photos acquired from digital photocameras, as well as from databases.

cardPresso is offered in several editions with different functionalities: XXS, XS, XM and XL.

Start by XXS with the basic features for card design and printing using predefined templates, Barcodes 1D, WIA/ TWAIN and DirectShow acquisition as well as Magnetic encoding.

XS adds, among other features, .XLS, .XLSX, .CSV and .TXT database connection, Database View and Link Image to DB field.

XM adds, among other features, local MS Access connection, Photo on database, FaceCrop tool for face recognition, 2D barcodes and Smartcard plugin.

XL adds ODBC connection, RFID Contactless direct encoding, Multi-Layout card designs, Conditional printing, User logins, Operation Logs and many more!

XXL adds advanced features like DESfire cards, Web Print Server and Net-license to use cardPresso on multiple PCs in the local network (up to 16 PCs)

Video tutorials

DAccess Personnel program

DAccess Personnel
program allows:
  • personalize cards;
  • create and edit enterprise's organizational structure;
  • register it's employees' personal data,
  • establish their access rights for enterprise's objects, which are equipped with access control systems.
Program may be used as a DAccess system's part , as well as may be integrated with an existing personnel management system. DAccess Personnel's interface is developed to meet small, medium and big enterprises' structural requirements.