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Systems System equipment and programs Access control equipment

We are offering different types of access control equipment, which is manufactured by our partners – world-class manufacturers. We provide maintenance and repair services with or without warranty. Equipment can be used with FidPark or any other access control systems:

For people access control, we are offering various types of turnstiles (full-height turnstiles, sensor barriers, automatic doors, revolving doors, etc.). We are offering high-class turnstiles (outdoor use including) from DormaKaba.

Terminals and barriers
The FidPark system parking entry/exit terminal provides the following functions:
  • management of the barrier;
  • one-time voucher reading with 1D and 2D barcodes;
  • contactless subscription or service card reading;
  • the terminal display shows the current time and messages to customers. There is also an intercom to communicate with the operator on the front panel.
We also offer various types of barriers, bollards, and barrier accessories for parking management.

Electromagnetic locks
To control human access with the FidPark system, we offer a variety of electromagnetic locks for doors and lockers that are controlled from the server or operate in off-line mode.

Electronic locks for lockers

One of the tasks solved by FidPark is the cloakroom locker management in places where customers must leave their personal belongings temporarily. Customers can use any free locker and close it using their wristband as a contactless key. System ensures that after customer leaves, locker remains open.

We offer electronic locks for lockers that operate autonomously and do not require any cables. Status information is stored in lock memory, as well as in the contactless chip inside the wristband.

The locks comply with the ISO / IEC 144443a protocol. They are powered by four AA batteries and, to reduce energy consumption, the built-in reader is only switched on after touching the sensor area. On-line locks are available as well.

Biometric access controllers

Access control systems with face recognition and human face temperature control (optional) are becoming increasingly popular. If the face temperature is higher than normal or the person is without a facemask, an alarm is generated and access to the person is denied. Our fingerprint scanners work efficiently in the outdoor environment in snow, rain, dirty/wet hands, etc.

RFID readers and controllers
We have been dealing with RFID readers for many years and are able to integrate virtually any standard RFID cards, keychains, bracelets, etc. that operate in the LF, HF and UHF frequency range and use the EMV architecture.