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Systems & Solutions Automated services Parking management systems FidPark

The parking management system FidPark-Car provides access and payment control of parking services, as well as of other goods and services. The customers are identified via their car licence plate numbers, tickets with barcodes, contactless cards (RFID), mobile phone numbers. Customers are provided with various possibilities of parking options and convenient payment methods - a prepayment, a deposit, event passes, subscriptions, an automatic payment linked to a vehicle number or a bank card.

System parameters can be configured to achieve different business goals - maximum profit, maximum parking capacity, availability of free parking lots. We provide FidPark integration with the access control and video surveillance systems, as well as business accounting systems.

We offer also economical solutions for staff parking lots, that provide a significant reduction of
management and maintenance costs. For paid parkings we offer paystations with various payment means (banknotes, coins, bank cards).

FidPark control software

The FidPark system is operating in on-line mode under the supervision of server program that can be located on a physical/virtual server, or in the Cloud. Special FidPark software provide system remote management, including registration of system users and regular customers, generation of various reports, management of terminals.

On-street and off-street parking
FidPark system and equipment can be used for Off-street and On-street parking. The customers can't leave Off-street parking until they have paid for the services. In case of On-street parking the customer will have to pay a penalty if the car left parking without payment.
Off-street parking lots are equipped with entrance/exit barriers and paystations or a cashier's workplace. On-street parking lots are equipped with one or more parking meters, which issue tickets with the paid time, or allow the customer to enter their car License Plate Number (LPN). This system requires a guardian with a smartphone and an appropriate FidPark application to allow the guardian to periodically inspect all cars in the parking lot.
FidPark with LPN recognition is used in a combined Off-street system without barriers and a guardian. The LPNs of all incoming and outgoing cars are registered, and a list of violator LPN (who left without payment) is generated periodically.