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Infrared barriers
Infrared barriers commonly consist of two components - the light source and the detector. These may both be in the same place, or placed across from each other.
  • Across - the detector is activated whenever something obstructs the illumination from the light source;
  • In the same place - the detector is activated when light from the light source is reflected from a target.
DESME A15 Photobarrier  PUPILLA Photobarrier Reflex Photobarrier

Thermal sensors
We offer sensors that capture the heat radiated by the human body. The sensors are mounted on the ceiling and provide counting of people with 96-99% accuracy.

Advantages of thermal sensors:
  • small size;
  • adjustable counting zone;
  • works with a large flow of people;
  • high sensitivity;
  • automatic adaptation to room temperature protection against power damage due to the use of energy-independent memory.

Inductive loops under the road surface
An inductive loop system consists of loop detectors and inductive loops that are embedded in a road pavement and connected to a control box. The loop may be excited by a signal ranging in frequency from 10 kHz to 200 kHz. When a vehicle passes over or rests on the loop, the inductance of the loop is reduced and this change is detected by the loop detector and is signaled to the control box.
Products: Detector dual loop

Laser, infrared, microwave and ultrasonic sensors
Laser sensors send an intense light impulse to a defined location and measures the time until the signal returns, thus determining the distance to the object. By analyzing this information, sensors can determine the exact location, speed, and location of an object in a short period of time.
Products: Opening & safety sensor for barriers

Radar or microwave sensors emit microwaves with certain frequency in a defined area. These microwaves are reflected back to the sensor by all objects in its environment. Sensors are able to detect whether an object is moving and what direction it is moving.
Products: Vehicle detection sensor

Infrared sensors emit infrared light in a well-defined area and analyzes the reflections that come back. There are two types of infrared sensors:
  • With background analysis: analyzes background and is triggered if there is any significant difference when compared to the original picture.
  • With background suppression: analyzes the distance between sensor and object. It is mostly used when the background is likely to change (e.g. sensor is fixed on a moving door panel).
Ultrasonic detectors operate by transmitting ultrasonic energy and measuring the energy reflected by the target. These measurements are processed to obtain the object presence and speed. Ultrasonic detectors work perfectly well in any weather conditions.

Camcorders with image processing software
This system counts vehicles with high precision in a variety of environments, ranging from highways to city streets and intersections.

Advantages of this system are:
  • Detection of vehicle type (motorcycles, cars, buses, etc.);
  • Automatic division and counting in the lanes;
  • Reports are available in various formats;
  • Possibility to detect speed violations, congestions, accidents, pedestrians and objects on the road; •Operation in nighttime and in the dark;
  • Option to use real-time or video recordings;
  • Up to 90% precision.

Offered sensors can be integrated with any system. Reports are available as digits or graphs.