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Address: Lielirbes 1, Rīga, LV-1046, Latvija
Phone: +371 67603360, 67611722
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Human body temperature monitoringWe offer human temperature measurement & face recognition options for our access control systems dAccess & FidPark. The device might be used also in stand-alone mode.
FidPark-ANPR - solution for parking control and paymentWe are offering an innovative solution that facilitates the use and management of the parking lot based on number recognition technologies.
Access Control & COVID-19In responce to existing COVID-19 virus related limitations, we offer additional equipment for personnel access control - including facial temperature measurement and hand disinfection equipment. These options can be added also to existing access control systems. Special ceiling video cameras allow counting of visitors and the distance between them in order...
Paystation Mini-versionThe new FidPark cashier FP-KA17 allows you to pay with bank cards and also works as an Internet kiosk. The transaction receipts are sent to customers' smartphones or e-mails upon request. The cashier can be easily integrated with the Seller's product and service sales system.
FidPark Access Control system for peopleThe FidPark system is supplemented with a pass control system, which allows to use this system in complex objects with several technological solutions, incl. see using a smartphone as a pass.
Parking control for on-street parkingsWe offer a parking control solution for on-street parking where clients pay via paystation (cash, bank card) or via mobile payment operators.
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