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Address: Lielirbes 1, Rīga, LV-1046, Latvija
Phone: +371 67603360, 67611722
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Parking control for on-street parkingsWe offer a parking control solution for on-street parking where clients pay via paystation (cash, bank card) or via mobile payment operators.
Edikio, plastic price mark printing solutionsAll-in-one solutions featuring a card printer, tag-making software, black plastic cards and a white printing ribbon
[05.07.2018] - FidPark Cashier System
FidPark Cashier SystemIn July, 2018 the FidPark Cashier System (FPKS) was certified by SRS and included into the public database.
FidPark signature recordThe FidPark system is supplemented with an option to save the signature of an individual via special signature pad.
FidPark-2 with sufficient extra featuresincludes comprehensive services and contracts, precise control of the services provided and many additional options.
Parking control with ANPR and automated paymentNew FidPark-ANPR version in addition to existing features automatically charges the account of Mobilly Automatic client on exit.
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