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LZR-H100 Opening & safety sensor for barriers
(code: 50642)
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Additional information:
The LZR-H100 offers a real alternative to induction loops: time gain during installation, detection of all types of vehicles and greater adaptability. This laser sensor for rising barriers is used to open, secure and/ or detect a presence. It offers great flexibility in defining the width and depth of the detection zones (max detection field of 9.9 m x 9.9 m).

Technology: laser scanner, time-of-flight measurement (4 laser curtains)
Detection mode: motion and presence
Max. detection range: 9.9 m x 9.9 m
Angular resolution: 0,3516 degrees

Emission characteristics:
IR laser: wavelength 905 nm; max. output pulse power 75 W (CLASS 1)
Visible laser: wavelength 650 nm; max. output CW power 3 mW (CLASS 3R)

Supply voltage: 10-35 V DC at sensor side
Power consumption: < 5 W
Peak current at power-on: 1.8 A (max. 80 ms at 35 V)
Cable length: 5 m (standard), max.: 10 m

Response time: typ. 200 ms (adjustable)
Motion detection: typ. 20 ms; max. 80 ms

Output: 2 electronic relays (galvanic isolated - polarity free)
Max. switching voltage: 35 V DC / 24 V AC
Max. switching current: 80 mA (resistive)
Switching time: tON=5 ms; tOFF=5 ms
Output resistance: typ 30 Ohms
Voltage drop on output: < 0.7 V at 20 mA < 10 microA

Input: 1 optocoupler (galvanic isolated - polarity free)
Max. contact voltage: 30 V DC (over-voltage protected)
Voltage threshold: Log. H: 8+ V DC; Log. L: 3- V DC

1 blue LED: power-on status
1 orange LED: error status
2 bi-coloured LEDs: detection/ output status (green: no detection; red: detection)

Dimensions: 125 mm (D) x 93 mm (W) x 70 mm (H) (with mounting bracket + 14 mm)
Material: PC/ ASA
Colour: black
Mounting angles on bracket: -45, 0, 45 degrees
Rotation angles on bracket: -5 to +5 degrees (lockable)
Tilt angles on bracket: -3 to +3 degrees
Protection degree: IP65
Temperature range: -30 C to +60 C if powered; -10 C to +60C unpowered
Humidity: 0-95 % non-condensing
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