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Systems People and transport registration

The systems provide secure and user-friendly technology for data collection and recording. For this purpose, software computers and portable terminals are used.

Transport identification/registration
For transport registration we offer – UHF RFID stickers for windshield, active and passive RFID cards and license plate visual recognition. The system we offer ensures 92-98% quality. Contactless readers and identifiers can be used with over 1m radius. Distance between reader and identifier significantly increases registration process.

For people and vehicle real time locating system (RTLS) we offer low power transmitters (Active UHF) placed on vehicles. These can be used, for example, for a timetable and transport registration and control system. Compared to GPS systems, this system also works indoors and in bad weather.

People and transport sensors and counters
People counters can be used for marketing purposes, as well as in cases of fire and other accidents as they provide accurate numbers of people that may require evacuation. Vehicle counting is done with various vehicle sensors. These sensors can be used in parking lots or on the roads.

The equipment we offer uses the following technologies:
  • Infrared barriers (people and vehicles);
  • Thermal sensors and cameras (people);
  • Inductive loops under the road surface (vehicles);
  • Laser, infrared, microwave and ultrasonic sensors (vehicles);
  • Camcorders with image processing software (people and vehicles);
  • Geomagnetic sensors (only for vacant parking spots).
We offer sensors that can be used independently or integrated in FidPark system. You can find more information here.